Thursday 7 July 2016

Visiting Uganda Made Easier With the New E-Visa Online System
Uganda Reduces Its Single Entry Visa fee to $50 to be a magnet for Tourists
With effect from 22nd July 2016, the Ugandan government officially announced single entry tourist visa fee reduction to 50 USD from 100 USD. The Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control notified all Ugandan land border points to effect changes immediately.  
Prior to the reduction of visa fees, Uganda’s leading promotional and marketing agency UTB (Ugandan Tourism Board) highlighted high visa fees to have been scaring away tourists who opted to visit other East African tourist destinations like Kenya and Rwanda with comparably cheaper visa fees yet with tourism products similar to those of Uganda.
The launch of the single East African tourist visa at a fee of $ 100paid once at the entry of Kenya, Ugandan or Rwanda helped much Uganda to increase on the number of tourist arrivals as there was convenience for tourists visiting all the countries without paying visa fees.
For example, more tourists who visit Rwanda for gorilla tracking end up crossing to Uganda for better chimpanzee tracking experience and wildlife safari.
Uganda Visa reduction fee to the affordable $ 50 per person is part of the country’s strategy to boost tourism and compete favorably with her East African counterparts. The USD50 visa fee coupled with the new e-visa application system will conveniently and affordably increase tourist arrivals.In addition, the Uganda Airlines revival plans are at the doorstep.
Uganda remains among the top countries with unspoiled wilderness tourist attractions such as rare mountain gorillas, 10 % of world’s bird species and white water rafting in addition to rich and friendly cultural diversity which has the strength and potential to draw large numbers of tourists.
Most tourists who come into Africa come for good weather, wildlife safaris, cultural tours, Mountaineering, Primate tracking which includes chimpanzee tracking, golden monkey tracking, gorilla tracking of which Uganda has a combination of all these.

 writen by Tumwesiga Elly